Michigan has been the setting for a lot of films and the home to a lot of filmmakers who have gone under and done some massive films. It wasn’t too long ago that the state got an incentive that brought film franchises like Transformers into the state to film. But occasionally shows and films will use Michigan as a setting in their story if it means they aren’t necessarily filming in the state.

Fans of the legendary show X-Files may or may not recall that Traverse City, Michigan was the setting for an episode in season four, episode number four titled: Unruhe. For those who may have a hard time remembering this is a summary of the opening, that indicates where the story took place in that episode:

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Season 4, Episode 4: Unruhe

In Traverse City, Michigan, Mary Lefante goes to a local pharmacy to get her passport photo taken. Realizing she has forgotten her wallet, she returns to her car and finds that her boyfriend has been murdered. The killer, clad in a hooded raincoat, renders Lefante unconscious with a hypodermic needle, then kidnaps her. Meanwhile, in the pharmacy, the elderly clerk peels open the Polaroid photo, which shows her screaming amidst a distorted background.

Unfortunately, that's about the beginning and the end of any mention that the story takes place in Traverse City. It would have been nice to see more of the city, and maybe have had the show film there, to bring some attention and visitors to the city.

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