Healthcare is paramount. While it can be brutally expensive, it's a basic requirement for everyday life. Quality healthcare can be hard to come by and often times it's restricted to where you and your family are located on whether you'll receive it.

Overall, Michigan is fairly sound in its healthcare options as far as hospitals go. According to US News and World Report, Michigan ranks No. 11 for healthcare quality and No. 15 for healthcare access. For a state ranking closer to the bottom in public health, No. 36 in the country, it's refreshing that the state can somewhat reliably take care of the public.

That's in large part because the hospitals across the state are highly rated.

Newsweek recently released rankings for the top hospitals in each state, providing them with scores based on a study calculated by a mixture of surveys from patients, hospital analysts and quality metrics to determine the best hospitals in the country.

Michigan had 16 hospitals included in the nearly 600 hospitals across the United States that were analyzed and performed quite well. The lowest-scoring hospital, McLaren Central Michigan in Mount Pleasant scored a 78.82%, which is quite a strong score for a hospital ranking at that point for its own state. A large portion of hospitals with a 75% score or less across the country still managed to break their own state's top five or even three.

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Michigan's highest-scoring hospital, University of Michigan Hospitals - Michigan Medicine, in Ann Arbor, scored a 96.44%, the third-highest-rated hospital in the entire country.

The entire list of Michigan's top 15 hospitals is listed below, according to Newsweek's study.

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