Soon, college football fans will have a new video game in their hands to enjoy the pageantry of college football all year long.

As we prepare to choose the teams we'll take from the basements of Group of 5 conferences to the penthouses of the College Football Playoffs, for whatever reason, we choose them for superficial reasons.

The logo, uniforms and stadium all have to be good enough to be selected as a potential team to run with in Dynasty Mode.

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One team here in Michigan may struggle with one of those aspects. Sure Western Michigan has solid uniforms and Waldo Stadium is a great MAC stadium (no matter what anyone says), but the team from Kalamazoo may have one of the worst logo downgrades of all time.

A popular YouTuber named Bordeaux (who did a fantastic Dynasty series with a Grand Rapids school he created in NCAA 14 Revamped) has been getting plenty of attention ahead of the release of EA Sports College Football 25 by eliminating teams daily as he decides which program he'll rebuild first once the game comes out in July.

Now, he eliminated WMU pretty early on in the process, largely because of the Broncos' simplified logo change from 2021.

He recently asked his 30k+ followers on X which logo in college football was the worst and presented WMU as an option, and many of his followers seemed to agree that WMU made a mistake by changing the logo to a simple yellow W in a brown circle.

Now, a logo doesn't really impact much in the grand scheme of things. The color changes do help the Broncos look quite a bit, but that's a subjective statement.

And sure, the Broncos haven't tasted the same kind of success since 2016, but the W logo is still fairly new.

Was it a bad choice to change the logo? If your perspective is that fewer gamers are going to be using WMU in the new college football game, then maybe you have a point.

But to be fair to WMU, the Bronco logo is still on the helmets, so all's not lost either way.

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