After city officials pulled two bodies from Lake Michigan in the month of December, residents started to ask a lot of questions about the safety and well-being of downtown Chicago. With the number of bodies found in the lake continuing to rise, many are bringing up serial killer rumors.

In just 2022 alone, city personnel pulled nine bodies out of Chicago's portion of Lake Michigan prompting many to believe that a serial killer may be on the loose in the Windy City. These weren't isolated events that happened one after another, but instead were spread out throughout the entire year making many civilians fear for their safety.

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TikTok has become one of the quickest tools to circulate news as many have found out about the supposed Chicago Lake Michigan Serial Killer on the video platform. As you can see below user @quanodag shared a video describing some of the events that occurred in 2022.

@quanodag Lake Michigan Serial Killer #greenscreen #chicago #quanodag #hooduniversity #lakemichigan #serialkiller #murder #bodyfound #fyp ♬ original sound - The Hood University

Deadly Disappearings

Back in January, 23-year-old Inaki Bascaran was found in the Chicago River after being reported missing back around Halloween and kicking off the search at the beginning of the year and raising the hair on the back of Chicago residents' necks. April, May, and December were the most active months of the year for body recovery, as each month had at least two bodies pulled from the Chicago River or Lake Michigan during 2022.

In April, three more bodies were retrieved as two were found in the Chicago River and the other from Lake Michigan. This would bring the total to four on the year and started to raise suspicions around the city. In May, another three bodies were found as University of Illinois Chicago students Daniel Sotelo and Natally Brookson were both found just weeks apart in Lake Michigan and then shortly following them was the discovery of 31-year-old Eden De La O who was retrieved from the river after disappearing from the city's Brighton Park neighborhood.

Many commenters on TikTok said things like "Every year at this time a year since late 1990's. A young man, leaving a bar in the early am, has gone missing and shown up dead in Lake Michigan", "I worked for the Chicago Park district for one of the beaches & I was floored when my manager told me that park district personnel find tons of bodies", and "I knew it! I've been saying this for the longest, but people think I'm crazy!"

Turning To 2023

Just as the new year starts, many in Chicago are hoping that law enforcement will be able to get to the bottom of what's going on and catch the person behind all of this. Well, much to their demise, the exact opposite happened.

@quanodag Lake Michigan Serial Killer #greenscreen #chicago #quanodag #hooduniversity #lakemichigan #serialkiller #murder #bodyfound #fyp ♬ original sound - The Hood University

Of course, many are believing that drunk pupils are falling in and drowning, but after another body was found just earlier this week bringing the total to 10 within just over 12 months, there are a lot more theories in play now. Is this issue going to be resolved soon or will this killer continue to run rampant?

Does Chicago have a serial killer roaming the streets and taking lives? Is this serial killer using Lake Michigan and the Chicago River as their personal graveyard? Or are drunk people falling in the water and drowning? Either way, we need answers!

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