Long-time Detroit sports fans have lots of ups and downs to look at, many would say there are a lot more disappointments than achievements, but nonetheless, they have both just like any other sports city. They may remember the championships and celebrations but there are far more fights, firings, and losses in their history. Once upon a time the Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings were all fairly good and the Lions were fighting for .500. It was fun to be a Detroit sports fan.

Back in the 1950s the Lions won multiple championships, but have since fallen to the wayside. The Red Wings were mainstays in the NHL playoffs and had won a handful of Stanley Cups as a member of the Original 6 but after ending a 25-year playoff streak they have struggled ever since. The Tigers won the World Series back in 1984 and have only been to the playoffs 6 times since then and have lost in the World Series two of those times. Lastly, the Pistons had their last run of fame during the early 2000s, but since they broke the band up in 2007, it's been all downhill.

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Barstool Sports has become one of the largest and quickest-growing sports media companies in the country. They cover every sport imaginable and find ways to make sports as entertaining as possible for all. They have changed the way many people view sports with their unique coverage ideas and some would say it's for the better. They make light of serious sports topics but also ask all the questions fans really wanna hear.

Barstool's Jake Marsh decided to rank all of the major four sports in the United States, obviously, these are his power rankings which means they are his opinion and not fact. There are 124 major sports teams within the U.S, this includes the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB but somehow the entire city of Detroit is in the bottom quarter of the list.

None of the Detroit sports franchises were ranked in the top 25, the top 50, the top 75, or even the TOP 100!


The first Detroit team came in at a whopping 107 and that was the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons haven't been atop the NBA since 2004 when they had Chauncey Billups and crew donning the red, white, and blue. Since then, they have only made the playoffs seven times since, losing three times in the first round, three times in the conference finals, and once in the finals.


Next was the Tigers at 110, the baseball team that seems to be out of the race before the race even starts. Playing 162 games a year is hard but gives you plenty of time to make adjustments to get your team into the playoffs. Well, the Tigers have been mediocre at best and can't seem to find their way to the playoffs.

Since their last World Series win in 1984, they've been to the playoffs six times, losing in the divisional once, the conference finals once, and the World Series twice. They've had players like Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, and more greats come through the dugout, but no hardware to show.

Red Wings

Coming in third for the Detroit sports is the Red Wings at 119, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Red Wings come in so low on this list, but that's my personal opinion. The Red Wings carried the longest postseason streak of 25 straight up until 2017, they may not have been the best team in the league but they were good enough to make the playoffs and have a chance at the Stanley Cup, giving Detroit fans something to cheer for. Although, they haven't been to the Stanley Cup since 2009 and their last cup win came in 2008.


Lastly, is the Detroit Lions at 122, as pretty much everyone has expected. Many people feel that many of the Lions' struggles are due to the decisions made by the Ford Family, who owns the Lions. Whether that's the true reason or not doesn't matter because the Lions have been a low-level team for decades upon decades.

It's no surprise they're near the bottom of this list, but I'm kind of surprised they weren't ranked last, maybe they aren't the worst. They have only been to the playoffs 12 times since 1957 and they've lost in the Wild Card nine times, the Divisional round two times, and the Conference championship once.

After looking at these rankings, thinking of the success, or lack thereof, of these teams in the last three decades, and everything else that goes into being a fan a lot of questions have arisen. As someone who has the Detroit teams as my secondary favorite teams, it's tough to watch them struggle but doesn't hurt as much as a true Detroit fan. They have suffered some of the worst defeats and haven't had much to celebrate but are some of the most loyal fans known to man.

The real question of the day: Is Detroit the worst sports city to be a fan of? What do you think? Are there any cities that should be lower than Detroit? Can Detroit make a comeback in the sports world?

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