The Detroit Zoo is one of Michigan's largest family attractions and it gets a lot of attention for its iconic water tower. Families visiting the park will notice a big change to the nostalgic water tower image that was special to the community and visitors of the Detroit Zoo. Rebranding efforts will replace the beloved water tower design, but the zoo has an idea for people to own a piece of the former art.


Detroit Zoo Unveils New Water Tower Design

Two attractions in the zoo make for Instagram-worthy pictures of a visit to the Detroit Zoo; 'The Bear Fountain' and the water tower. While the bear fountain will remain the same, you'll have new memories to create with a different water tower image.

As part of a rebrand of the zoo, the Detroit Zoological Society has unveiled the new water tower image that features bold, bright colors. The rebrand also includes a new website and logo that has taken more than 2 years of work to come to fruition.  While many welcome the new look, some are sad to see the old image go. But fortunately, there is a way to hang on to a piece of the nostalgia.

According to WDIV, we'll be able to own a piece of the Detroit Zoo water tower in the form of jewelry and more. Rebel Nell is repurposing the art from the water tower into bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, cuff links, and coasters all made from remnants of the former water tower. That Detroit Zoo jewelry will be sold in the Zoofari Market at the Detroit Zoo and

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