While most people use the usual yellow and white porch lights to welcome guests, colored bulbs have become a growing trend. Using colored lights on your front porch are great way to change up the look of your porch or to decorate for different holidays. But, there's also a growing trend to not only use colored lights for home décor, but to also catch your attention for a bigger purpose.


The meaning behind each color

According to House Digest, different colors have different meanings around the world. But in the U.S., these colors are the most widely used and here are their meanings:

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If you see a red porch light in February, it could be to celebrate Valentine's Day or bring awareness to American Heart Month.  Red is also used to support firefighters. And if you see it in October, it's more than likely to celebrate Halloween.


Purple porch lights bring awareness to Domestic Violence.


Blue porch lights bring awareness to autism, law enforcement, or Alopecia Areata.


A green porch light could be used to celebrate St.Patrick's Day or bring awareness to Lyme Disease. Green porch lights are also used to show support of survivors or victims of a disaster. Green is also used to honor U.S. service members on Veterans Day as well as Memorial Day.


Orange porch lights can be used to decorate for Halloween, but are also used to show support for the community of Delphi, Indiana. Following the murder and investigation of Liberty German and Abigail Williams in 2017, orange bulbs have been used to show support for the victims and their families.


Pink porch lights are a symbol of breast cancer awareness.

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