Indiana is home to one of the best grocery stores in America.  Have you shopped here?

A website called found the best and worst grocery stores in the United States of America with key factors such as prices, food quality, customer service, food quality, and the speed of their checkout lines by analyzing data from Google Reviews of 3,000 grocery stores across 100 cities.

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The top grocery store in Indiana which overall comes in as the 14th best grocery store in the U.S. is Trader Joe's on East 82nd St. (the Castleton area) in Indianapolis, Indiana.  That Trader Joe's location has 4.7 stars out of 5 with a total of 2,643 reviews.

Trader Joe's in Indianapolis is one of the best grocery stores in America
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Maybe it's the skeptic in me, but I find it fishy that 19 of the top 20 grocery stores are Trader Joe's Locations.  Are they all just that good, or is something going on with Google Reviews?

15 Best Grocery Stores in the United States according to

  • 1 Trader Joe's at 1779 E Williams Field Rd in Gilbert, AZ
  • 2 Trader Joe's at 2742 4th St N in St. Petersburg, FL
  • 3 Central Market at 4651 West Fwy in Fort Worth, TX
  • 4 Trader Joe's at 1820 E Arbors Dr in Charlotte, NC
  • 5 Trader Joe's at 7575 W Washington Ave in Las Vegas, NV
  • 6 Trader Joe's at 2922 S Shepherd Dr in Houston, TX
  • 7 Trader Joe's at 9722 Great Hills Trl Ste 200 in Austin, TX
  • 8 Trader Joe's at 403 N Loop 1604 W, in San Antonio, TX
  • 9 Trader Joe's at 4600 Shelbyville Rd #111 in Louisville, KY
  • 10 Trader Joe's at 931 Monroe Dr NE, in Atlanta, GA 4.7
  • 11 Trader Joe's at 8600 Ward Pkwy in Kansas City, MO
  • 12 Trader Joe's at 10345 S Eastern Ave in Henderson, NV
  • 13 Trader Joe's at 3702 S Peoria Ave, in Tulsa, OK
  • 14 Trader Joe's at 5473 E 82nd St in Indianapolis, IN
  • 15 Trader Joe's at 3000 Wake Forest Rd in Raleigh, NC

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