Dear Kalamazoo, it seems to me that there is a huge issue when it comes to making new paint lines and driving rules after we move on from driver's training.

This may be a larger issue that should be directed towards the state, but it seems to me like everyone and their mom are completely confused as to what you're supposed to do now when you turn onto Pitcher St. in downtown Kalamazoo. The issue is the new paint job Pitcher Street recently received and what now appears to be the one-lane road. Or maybe it's two, nobody has any idea.

After driving south on the street heading towards East Kalamazoo, there are blocks of the right lane that are painted with slashes but the entire line has a solid white line dividing it from the left lane. But every day that I take this route there are people that will avoid the right lane, drive completely in the right lane, and then just yesterday, someone who couldn't make up their mind and just drove in between both lanes. This is getting out of hand and I know what all the agro commenters are gonna say..."iT's nOt tHeIr jOb tO tEaCh yOu wHaT yOu nEeD tO dO."

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I would argue differently, however. If you're gonna make up new paint jobs on the road and new ways you need to drive them, you need a sign or something to indicate where to drive.

It's my belief that anytime the state adds ANYTHING new to driving, we should be required to take a short training exercise online. It would take five minutes and people would actually know how to drive.

I know, I know, that would cut into your Facebook time, but if it means I won't almost get side-swiped because someone is having an existential crisis getting home, I'll take the training.

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