The excitement is growing in Indiana and other states in the U.S. as we prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event on April 8th. The Hoosier State is lucky to get a rare glimpse of the Total Solar Eclipse. Indiana School Districts are preparing to close that day so students can experience this unique celestial occurrence.

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Indiana Schools Closed For The Total Solar Eclipse

According to Indiana DNR, the state will have a great view of the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th. This is the first time in over 800 years since Indiana has caught a glimpse of one of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see in the sky. The eclipse will be visible first in the Mount Vernon Area and then progress through Linton, Bloomington, Indianapolis, Shelbyville, Muncie, New Castle, Connersville, and Portland. The DNR is suggesting that if anyone is interested in lodging in these areas to plan now. Special Total Solar Eclipse glasses can also be purchased now on the DNR website so you and your family can be prepared with those as well.

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The total solar eclipse visits Indiana beginning at 3:01 pm with the final exit of the Moon’s shadow from the state at 3:12 pm. Since the time period where the eclipse will be visible is at the end of the school day for most kids, schools are planning to have e-learning days or have the day off completely. Check the list below for schools that will be closed completely on April 8th. And enjoy the event of the year that won't circle back to the Hoosier State until August 2044.

Indiana Schools Closed April 8th For Total Solar Eclipse

The following schools will be closed completely on April 8th for the Total Solar Eclipse.

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