This is different from Graphic Packaging-- trust me!

You may have convinced yourself you were imagining it but I assure you you're not alone. I, too, have noticed a weird smell and we finally have some answers.

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If you've ever driven West on W. Main headed towards US-131 you may have noticed a faint odor.

I feel the need to clarify this is actually a good smell and not the nasty sewer smell that reeks from the highly controversial Graphic Packaging plant located in Kalamazoo's Northside neighborhood.

The smell along W. Main can change depending on the day; sometimes it's garlic, sometimes it's sweeter. I thought it was just my imagination but I was beyond relieved when someone else turned to social media for answers asking,

I cant be the only one who smells a delicious garlicky aroma while driving down West Main by the Haven on Main apartments. Usually between 8PM-11PM. Anyone have any idea what this is?!

Of course Kzoo locals were quick to identify the culprit was none other than natural herb and spices company Kalsec.

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What Is Kalsec?

Kalsec stands for (KAL)amazoo (S)pice (E)xtraction (C)ompany and has been headquartered here for over 64 years.

With beginnings as a spice and herb company the family-owned business soon expanded into food protection, coloring, and "sensory solutions"-- basically anything that helps preserve food and make it look and taste better. Says the Kalsec website,

Today, Kalsec® is an international leader in the development of natural taste and sensory solutions... advanced hop products, dry products and nutritional ingredients for the manufactured food, beverage, nutritional and pharmaceutical markets.

Now you can find Kalsec spice factories across the globe from Texas to the United Kingdom to Malaysia!

But don't feel bad, apparently we're not the only ones who didn't know Kalsec was a thing. Commenting on Meredith's post Kzoo locals added:

    • "Yep spice factory, depends on the spice they are producing. Sometimes its gross, sometimes its awesome. Lol" - Rachel Carmel
    • "it’s definitely tucked way back there. I would never have known otherwise!" - Rachel Kirtley
    • "Mmmmm-when they do peppermint!!" - Jen Geiselhart

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