A U.S. Congressman representing Michigan publicly supports the death penalty for being gay on an international stage.

G.O.P. U.S. lawmaker Tim Walberg is receiving backlash for an incredibly shocking stand he's taking against the LGBTQ community worldwide.  Walberg traveled to Uganda to be the keynote speaker at a political event.  At this event, the Michigan Republican told Uganda lawmakers that they must "stand firm" while enforcing the country's new anti-LGBTQ+ law that would put people to death for being gay. Uganda's President praised Walberg after his speech in a way that made many Americans cringe according to Solon.com,

Uganda's president, who signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act, said that Rep. Tim Walberg's presence showed his people that there were Americans who “think like us.”

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U.S. Congressman Dan Kildee who also represents Michigan released this statement in response to Walberg's speech,

It is extremely disappointing to see Congressman Walberg support laws that criminalize being gay. Uganda’s law, which allows LGBT people to be sentenced to death for who they are, is a gross violation of human rights. Furthermore, attempting to mask bigotry in Christianity is shameful and wrong.

Making it illegal to be gay is clearly ignorant and discriminatory.  However, putting people to death for being who they are is outrageous.  Traveling to another country as a U.S. Congressman and representing the United States of America in this way is shameful.  Even Republican Ted Cruz railed against the law calling it, "Horrific and Wrong" according to TheHill.com.

During his speech, Tim Walberg said he would not give in to his constituents who disagree with his backward beliefs. GanderNewsroom.com reminds us that Walberg is up for reelection this year,

Walberg represents Michigan’s 5th Congressional District and is running for reelection this year. The state’s Republican primary election is set for Aug. 6, 2024. The general election is Nov. 5.

Michigan's District 5 Counties

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  • Cass
  • Hillsdale
  • Jackson
  • Lenawee
  • Monroe
  • St. Joseph
  • Southern Berrien County
  • Most of Calhoun County
  • Southern Kalamazoo County


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