A man purchased lotto tickets twice by mistake in Stanton, Michigan, which lead to him winning twice.

The lucky, yet forgetful man plays the same set of lotto numbers regularly when he plays his favorite lotto game Fantasy Five Double Play according to the anonymous man's interview with the Michigan Lottery,

I have been playing Fantasy 5 for a long time and I always play the same sets of numbers.  I was at the gas station, and I couldn’t remember if I’d purchased a ticket for the Fantasy 5 drawing that night, so I decided to purchase one to be safe.

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That's right, he purchased lottery tickets and forgot.  So, he purchased the same lotto tickets again. The lucky anonymous man won $110,000...twice! The 67-year-old lottery winner purchased his first winning ticket at an EZ Mart in Sheridan and then his second lotto ticket at a Mobile gas station in Stanton in Mid December.

The winner plans on doing some home renovations and hooking some family members up with his winnings.

Congrats mysterious, forgetful guy.  We wish you the best...and we wish your luck would rub off on the rest of us.

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