This October while we're getting ready for the spooky season, we'll also have a reason to trade in the orange and black for red and white, as Canadiana Festival, the only Canadian Festival celebrating Canadian food, drink & culture will be happening in Arcadia Creek Festival Place in Kalamazoo.

The event, which is slated for October 7, 2023, is a one-day event and the event organizer, Channon Mondoux has announced the entertainment and more details for the event:

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Canadian tribute bands and original artists, Andrew Rathbun Jazz Ensemble, the Henpecked Dawgs Early Music and Sea Shanties, Gordon Lightfoot Tribute, Rock along with the Tom Sawyer RUSH Tribute & Zion Lion

There will also be an area designated for curling, a children's tent, and the World Champine Poutine Competition with a Golden Gravy Ladle trophy for the winner. There will also be a "Great Canadian Celebrity Look Alike Contest" which will also have prizes.

Channon Mondoux, who is also a local chef, expressed her initial inspiration for the event after being locked out of her home country of Canada during the pandemic:

During that time many people expressed how much they loved Canada too. One day, I was working on a fundraiser for Ukraine with Final Gravity Brewing Co, and it dawned on me that Canada has a rich heritage, amazing music and food and art. I turned to my sous chef and said ‘Hey, what would you think of a big party featuring Canadian music, food, of course poutine, art and beer?’ which then led me to draw a sketch on our whiteboard with the words “Canadiana Fest” with a red maple leaf behind it.

As mentioned above, tickets are available for the event, as they hope to pack Arcadia in early October.

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