Is this Livingston County, Michigan man the luckiest or unluckiest man alive?  I'm being cynical, of course.  He's clearly very lucky.

The day after a 57-year-old Michigan man tied the knot, he swung into the EZ Mart on West Houghton Lake Drive in Prudenville and grabbed himself a scratch off according to his conversation with the Michigan Lottery,

I bought the ticket the day after my wedding and gave it to my wife to scratch.  When she revealed the ‘$1 MIL’ prize amount, we were in disbelief. We kept reading the instructions over and over again to make sure we really won.

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The divorced man in me thought had he won the lottery two days previous, he wouldn't have to share it.  So, how lucky is this guy really?  Then I realized, I needed therapy.  This lotto winner clearly has no problems with sharing, as he handed the ticket off to his new bride to scratch in the first place.  What a way to start a marriage.  I'm not jealous at all.  OK, in this economy, I'm pretty dang jealous.  Not to mention, I'm a huge Prince fan and this guy just won $1 million dollars playing Michigan Lottery’s Diamond & Pearls instant game.

The newlywed decided to go with the one lump sum of $693,000 after taxes.  The luckiest man in Northern Michigan has decided to remain anonymous but did tell the Michigan Lottery that he plans on investing his winnings.

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