Kalamazoo area's last day in the 70s could break yet another November heat record. Then comes the snow.

The average high for November 10th in Southwest Michigan is 50 degrees.  Reaching the 70s this time of year, even for unpredictable Michigan, is very rare.  At least, it used to be very rare.  WWMT meteorologist Jeff Porter tells us that he is forecasting a high of 74 degrees today.

That is just one degree short of the record of 75 degrees for November 10th in Southwest Michigan.  That record was just set two years ago.  Jeff Porter also points out that today's unseasonably warm temps aren't a spike, as we have been in the 70s seven days out of the past 3 weeks. On two of those days, we nearly hit 80 degrees.

It's also worth noting that the weather is expected to take a Michigan left turn tomorrow that could lead to lake-effect snow by Saturday night/Sunday morning.  WWMT meteorologist Will Haenni points out on Twitter that this is likely our final day in the 70s for 2022.

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Low temps are expected to dip in the mid-twenties Saturday through Tuesday with highs in the mid-30s to 40 degrees.  It will be breezy over the weekend with a greater likelihood of snow closer to Lake Michigan.

The National Weather Service has predicted average temps with above-average precipitation.  Which will likely mean lots of snow for Southwest Michigan this year.  Get that full story by clicking here.

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