Yes, there are actually rules when it comes to driving in Ohio!

Surprisingly enough, I don't think most Ohioans know that. But hey, at least the roads in Ohio aren't as bad as Michigan!

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A concerned and no doubt frustrated motorist in Cleveland is reminding fellow drivers of one lessor known rule: turning left on red.

Reddit user u/Khalil_Mamoon posted in the Cleveland subreddit:

FYI, it is legal in Ohio to turn left on red if you are on a one way street turning onto another one way street. (Looking at you, drivers exiting I-90W at W41st/44th who sit first in line at the red light at 41st with your left turn signal on holding everyone up behind you).

User Echo BravoTango, With Permission
User Echo BravoTango, With Permission

How Does It Work?

Ohio drivers know (or at least they should know) that it is in fact legal to turn right after stopping at a red like or "right on red", but in addition to this rule section ORS 4511.13 of the Ohio vehicle code states:

vehicular traffic facing a steady circular red signal indication is permitted, after stopping, to enter the intersection to turn right, or to turn left from a one-way street into a one-way street.

Of course, there are a few provisions to that. One being you must first come to a complete stop and second, you must legally be allowed to make that turn i.e. there may not be any signage or lights prohibiting you from doing so.

So, did we all learn a little something new today? Safe travels!

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