I never thought I would be saying this, but how about those Detroit Lions?  The Lions have won five out of their last 6 football games, and everybody is talking about it!.

The Detroit Lions record is now at seven wins and seven losses which puts them at .500 for the NFL season.

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What a sweet win for the Detroit Lions over the weekend defeating the New York Jets by a score of 20 to 17.

According to mlive.com:

The Lions (7-7) won 20-17, doubling their postseason odds per FiveThirtyEight, while clouding New York’s (7-7) season with three games left. And while it wasn’t pretty, this win shows how far Dan Campbell’s team has come since that 1-6 start. Detroit’s high-powered offense ran into issues throughout this one, with Kalif Raymond’s punt-return touchdown the team’s lone trip into the end zone for the first 58 minutes or so of this one.

In my opinion, the hero of the Lions/Jets football game was Brock Wright. This guy was all alone as he upheld for a 51 yard touchdown catch and took the football all the way into the end zone for the Lions win. What a great game!

Mlive.com also tells us:

FiveThirtyEight has the Lions with 42% odds to make the postseason, doubling their chances with the Week 15 win. This is also their first three-game road winning streak since 2017, while they’ve won six of the last seven games on the quest to be the first team since the 1970 Bengals to make the postseason after opening 1-6.

All I can say is "I like what I see," don't we all? Not sure yet if the Detroit Lions will make it to the playoffs, but as far as we're concerned, the hunt is on!

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