There was a lot happening Sunday during the Lions Divisional Game at Ford Field against the Buccaneers. The action on the field was one of the most exciting games of the day. The crowd was electric, and the eventual win sent the entire crowd over the top.

But there's one fan who might be stealing some of the Lions' thunder from the game, and it's because of what's in his lap... a cartoonishly huge sandwich!

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Following Sunday's game, I was scrolling through social media to see what everyone was saying, and I cam across the gentleman below in a Lions jersey at the game, and his hilariously tall sandwich, worthy of Shaggy and Scooby Doo.


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That is massive, and was hilariously dubbed the "Ate Mile" Sandwich, playing off the Detroit native Eminem's film, "Eight Mile."

The question seems to be... WHERE did he get it? Did he order that in the stadium? If so, which vendor is selling a literal yard of sandwich?

If he didn't buy it AT the game, then how in the world did he manage to sneak it into the stadium? I guess it is possible he could have snuck all the parts in under his jersey, in his hoodie, then assembled it at the game, but the stick... not sure about that one.

Nonetheless, this man is a legend, and HOPEFULLY, he's got a ticket to see the Lions play for the NFC Championship out in San Francisco this upcoming weekend.


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