Since its creation in 2009, ArtPrize, hosted in Grand Rapids, MI has become the largest international open art competition where artists of all kinds can display their work. With interactive displays, works being made in real time, and people from far and wide ArtPrize provides visitors with a creative adventure like nowhere else. As big as this competition is, art does what it is meant to at its core, help those around them heal. Local Southwest Michigan artist and ArtPrize 2022 Time-Based Winner, Kristen Zamora’s Embodied project has helped heal people from near and far. 

What is Embodied- Healing Through Body Art? 

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What began as an idea in 2017, Embodied has helped people worldwide heal through their trauma. Whether an individual has experienced emotional, mental and/or physical health problems, etc. Kristen helps people create a new story to express how one found their path through the obstacles of their life. Everyone has their own story, struggles, and saving grace. Embodied allows an individual to visibly and mentally overcome their turmoil's, and give them a chance to wash them away in order to embrace the next steps in their journey of recovery.  

Not only is the symbolism extremely powerful in a project like this, but Kristen has the unique way of bringing light to someone in what would be an emotionally difficult act. By turning a person's inner demons and thoughts into a creative expression of their journey, gives them the opportunity to change the faces of those demons. Now, more than ever, people are open to having those difficult discussions. Kristen is giving people a chance to stand on their own podium to share their journey on their terms.  

If you would like to participate in this creative series, Kristen is always open to helping more people heal. Or, if you’re simply interested in more of her creative work, check out her website or email her at You might also find Kristen locally during a K-wings or Growlers event! Below you can find her 12 final submissions that brought home her win from this year's ArtPrize. 

ArtPrize 2022: Embodied- Healing Through Art

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