If there is a Michigan Lottery record book - this Cheboygan County man is in it.

The 30-year-old man (who wishes to remain anonymous) recently scored $6 million dollars on a scratch-off ticket. The win is the largest amount to date that anyone in the Great Lakes State has won on a Michigan Lottery instant game.

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According to the Michigan Lottery, the lucky player purchased a $300,000,000 Diamond Riches ticket for $50 at Vanderbilt Downtown EZ Mart in Vanderbilt (near Gaylord). The man bought the ticket on his way to work and scratched it immediately in his car after buying it. As you can imagine - when he saw just how much he had won, he could not believe it,

'When I saw I had won the $6 million prize, I started shaking and showed my friend. We were both freaking out!'

As most big lottery winners do, the man chose to take a lump sum payout of $4.1 million. Not too shabby for a $50 gamble. So what is he going to do with all of the cash? It appears the big ticket winner is planning a trip to Disneyland and plans on saving the rest.

So how can you be the next big winner? First things first, you have to buy a ticket. Hearing about big winners like this Cheboygan County certainly makes people itchy to play. The bad news is not everyone will hit it rich, but most of us will not stop trying.

Someone is going to be the next big winner - why not you?

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