Give us your scary stories in 4 words...

Telling a scary story usually involves a beginning, a middle and an end. Good stories can capture the imagination and keep us compelled to listen for a long time. That is not the case with us on the JT & Stefani show this morning. Stefani and I decided we would challenge the listeners of RKR by having you tell us a scary story using only four words. We thought it would be challenging enough but of course RKR listeners answered in droves.

The JT & Stefani Show "Four Word Story Challenge" is taking the longer story concept and editing it down to just four words. We have a lot of fun with it and we're always open to your input on the next subject to cover with our 4 word story challenge. With that said...

Check out our latest 4 word story challenge: "Tell us a scary story in four words".

Amy Masher: 2020 was just restarted

William Volger: Surprise, you are pregnant

Grey Grooters: WRKR is going Country...(lol...now that is frightening :)

Connie Murphy-Torrey: It could snow soon

Annette Marie Sigman: Out of Toilet Paper

Brittany Kavanaugh: Ouija board? Looks fun!

Tom Black: Look, you married it

Laura Ginnebaugh: Boss on line one

Stacy Burnette Taft: I have tested positive

Jean Whitcomb: We're out of coffee

Patrick Stamm: Honey I am home

Diane Branan Bockheim: I'm out of bacon

Amanda Rose Smith: There's no more chocolate

These are hilarious! Keep em coming gang and hope you enjoy the segment as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Hope your day rocks!!

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