I guess you could say that Aldi is the little engine that could.  It finds itself among the giants of the region, the country and even the world but manages to perform at a level that has people praising and shopping.  What started out as a no-frills bargain grocery chain has become a player in nearly every community it has landed in and, here in the Kalamazoo area, expansion of locations is taking place; one right down the street from us on Gull Road.

Now, according to Tech Insider, Aldi is ready to take the next step and expand it's online grocery services and offer curbside pick up.  The service already exists in the bigger markets but soon will be available in all markets.  Right now Meijer and Walmart offer similar services and Amazon is getting ready to partner with Whole Foods and is saying your groceries will be ready for pick up 30 minutes after you selected them online.  My question is: Is it 30 minutes or it's free?  Check out the rest of the story by clicking HERE.

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