Just how many "firsts" has this pandemic created in our lifetimes?  The first time the whole country can to a nearly grinding halt.  The first time we were told not to leave our homes.  The first time we were told to stay 6 feet away from one another.  The first time we were told not to touch our faces.

The list goes on and on and, in fact, continues to grow.  The other "firsts" will have to do with the "first time since the crisis started".  The first time we went out to eat again.  The first time we got a haircut.  You're picking up what I'm laying down.

One of the biggest "firsts" was getting a check from the government other than the usual tax refund or other things like it.  Regular people got $600, $1200, $2400 and more.  Businesses got the "PPP" which is the Paycheck Protection Program and, of course, other big businesses got big bailouts.

So, maybe it's time for some "seconds".  That's exactly what we're hearing out of Washington D.C.  Last week Treasury Secretary Mnuchin suggested that there may be another round of stimulus checks for American citizens.  Up until then all the talk centered around the Heroes Act that would get front line workers hazard pay which they certainly deserve.

In that bill another round of stimulus checks are earmarked for families $1,200 and capped at $6,000 for a family.  But don't look in the mailbox anytime soon.  The White House won't do anything about it until July and the Senate won't be back from another vacation until July 20th.  Stay tuned.

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