People who know me always hear me say: "I've been saying that for years".  It almost always isn't true but I've actually been saying this for years.  In several cities we've been in, over the years, there were entertainment areas that allowed for bar hopping with drinks being carried from place to place.  The most famous perhaps is New Orleans.

I'm not suggesting we turn the Kalamazoo Mall into Bourbon Street...or am I?  Well, not EXACTLY like Bourbon Street but isn't Burdick Street perfect for something like this?  Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this is a good idea and a few who do can make it a law.

I just saw on that Rep. Paul Webber of Rochester Hills introduced a plan that would allow municipalities to establish designated drinking areas to buy drinks on the go while staying within the "boundaries". What's taken so long?  This is perfect for downtown Kalamazoo; especially Bates Alley.

In case you've forgotten, Bates Alley is behind the strip of establishments which includes Olde Peninsula.  When they all reopen you will only be able to drink on the deck areas directly adjacent to the place of business.  My first thought was make the whole alley a drinking area with high-tops along the fence and other cool stuff.

Now, before we get tagged for just wanting another excuse to drink, this is also intended to help such businesses make a faster comeback after the shutdown.  So, ya know, there's that. And lets say to start, we only have the "drinking districts" downtown Kalamazoo to get more people down there.  After all, downtown Kalamazoo should be dominated by food and entertainment.  I've been saying that for years.

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A Nearly Empty Kalamazoo

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