In some ways this may be one of the best Memorial Day weekends we've ever spent.  The weather looks pretty good and we are all anxious to get outside and enjoy ourselves.

There's also the added element of pent up frustration turning into relief as the worst is possibly over; at least in terms of medical fears.  It seems that there is something more to celebrate and it happened just in time.

However, lets not forget what Memorial Day is all about.  there are plenty of people who know nothing else but a 3 day holiday for cookouts and drinking.  Even the people who are aware of some military significance  don't know correctly what that is.

Many Americans don't know that Memorial Day is when we honor FALLEN members of the Armed Forces who died in service.  More than a few aren't sure what the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day is.  Veterans Day honors all veterans not just those who gave their lives in battle.

There is a group that certainly knows the difference.  And they see to it that a ceremony takes place every year no matter what.  With Kalamazoo Memorial Day parades and other ceremonies cancelled due to COVID-19, a band of brothers, a small dedicated group of veterans led by the Kalamazoo Detachment of the Marine Corps League, will continue its annual tradition of reading the names of all of Kalamazoo County's military Members who have dies in our country's war.

It happens every year at the Robert L. Cook Veterans Memorial Plaza at Rose Park- E. Michigan avenue at the river.  Starting at 10:00am Monday, the names will be read, taps will be played along with other remembrances.  Unfortunately, due to social distancing, there won't be enough room for the public.  Nevertheless, thank you veterans and guests for your service.

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