The City of Kalamazoo is having a surplus auction and the opening bids are unbelievable for cars, trucks, vans, bikes and assorted office equipment.

You know how quickly unused or outdated items can just pile up around your home, imagine you were an entire city. The City of Kalamazoo is holding a surplus auction on Tuesday, November 5. will be taking online bids only from 8-8 and you can preview the items here.

The City has 4 vans, 3 cars, 2 SUVs and 9 trucks- some with plows and all with an opening bid of $250. With that many vehicles, the prices are sure to be ridiculously low. Keep in mind, the mileage may be high and all assets are sold as is. Still...$250?

If you're looking for a bike for you or the kids, there are 80 to choose from; opening bids just $5. You will also find the usual office chairs, filing cabinets, workout benches, shelving units, fixtures, outdated computer monitors and other assorted items you typically see in auctions like this. Take a look and get ready to make your bids and get a great new (to you) vehicle at an unbelievable price in the City of Kalamazoo surplus auction, November 5.

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