Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo...kitty. An animal shelter in Heath, Ohio, just found a forever home for a feline with a familiar name.

At the SPCA of Southwest Michigan, the shelter volunteers choose the names of the animals up for adoption. We're not sure if it works the same at Licking County Humane Society, but we'd like to think someone there used to live here.

Creative canine monikers seem to be a thing at LCHS. Dogs named Chewbarka and Doc McDoggins have recently been adopted. Bark Twain also added to his story in finding a "furever" home and Freddie Fuzzbutts has a new place to circle three times before lying down to sleep.

It was a cat name that pricked up our ears: Kalamazoo. An adult cat named Kalamazoo was taken home by a loving family on March 13. Two things:

  1. Isn't she beautiful?
  2. Don't you think Licking County is the perfect place to adopt an animal?
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