I'm just like most everybody else when it comes to weather like this.  It sucks and it's dangerous.  But I'm also fascinated by extreme weather; especially the extremely cold.  I mentioned dangerous because we want to keep ourselves and our families safe so the dangerous part takes on a different mind-set for me.  Knowing that I'm walking out into a condition that is rare and the human body can survive almost seems like you're tempting fate.  Now, I certainly don't want to take the next step and test the boundaries but just knowing that I'm "in it" is a bit of a thrill.

Let's put today in perspective.  There will be "official" temperatures for this date but we received pics from car dashboards this morning with readings as low as -25 in Fulton without the windchill.  So how did we compare with other traditionally cold places on the planet?  According to clickondetroit.com, we were colder than the South Pole today.  the South Pole was at 5 degrees and Anchorage, AK was 8 degrees.  If you want to check the temperature at the South Pole click HERE.

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