As children are gearing up to go back to school this year, parents and teachers are finding that their school supplies list looks a heck of a lot different this time around. With virtual learning being the core (or even sole) way children will be learning this year, having the tools to keep up with the latest technology is a must. So instead of the TI-84 we were required to have, 2020-2021 students will need the fastest internet speeds, a screen on which to watch the day's lesson, and a quiet way to do all that. A small, but important school supply this year are earbuds, and a Kalamazoo company is stepping up to put over 3,000 pairs of earbuds in the hands (or ears?) of Paw Paw public school district students.

"Care for People." That's one of ZAGG Brands of Kalamazoo's core values, so it makes sense that they decided to make the donation of 3,400 IFROGZ earbuds to the Paw Paw public school district after seeing a post from the district saying they were in need. In a statement, ZAGG said this donation, quote, "allows us to reach out to our local Michigan-area communities and help children in this new environment of virtual learning. Access to technology can be a challenge for some families, and we hope this donation helps eliminate that barrier for as many as possible."

Southwest Michigan helping Southwest Michigan. It's nice to hear some good news right now. Thanks, ZAGG, and keep up the good (and altruistic) work!

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