This just goes to show that little acts of kindness can go a very long way.

In May, Harding's Market in Kalamazoo dedicated their Round-Up month to the SPCA of SW Michigan. I searched Harding's Market's website for specific information about the Round-Ups they do and how exactly it works. While I was unable to find anything specific (which doesn't mean it's not there), I'm going to assume that customers were given the opportunity to round up on their bill with the excess going to a specific cause.

For example, if your bill is $28.34 you may be asked to round up to $29 to support the chosen cause. Simple, right? But, it made a huge impact.

As shared on their Facebook page, Harding's Market was able to donate a whopping $18,958.86 to the SPCA of SW Michigan thanks to this round-up program. The credit belongs to both Harding's Market for choosing the SPCA of SW Michigan as May's cause and to the community for their generous and numerous contributions to be able to hit such an incredible number.

Speaking with Harding's Market, they said,

We know shelters are struggling with funding, doctors and reduced adoptions. We are proud to be able to help support the communities we serve and appreciate the generosity of our customers.

They're not wrong. Adoption rates are in a decline which makes what the SPCA of SW Michigan does so important. As a no-kill shelter, they work incredibly hard to make sure that each pet they receive at the shelter is well taken care of and finds the most suitable home.

Katie Timber, the Executive Director of the SPCA of SW Michigan (pictured above), had this to say about the amazing donation:

We appreciate Hardings and their committed customers; this donation is life-saving (literally), with national adoption numbers down. And care is getting more expensive. This is vital to our mission. We couldn't do what we do without this type of support.

So, if you were someone who said, "yeah, round my bill up," in the month of May at Harding's Market, THANK YOU!

Now, look...we'd all love to be able to throw money at our favorite local non-profits. Especially, when it involves animals. But, even if you can't donate money, the SPCA of SW Michigan is always looking for volunteers and foster homes for the animals currently in their care. Both of which are a tremendous help. Learn more about volunteering and fostering on the SPCA of SW Michigan's website.

Harding's Market is no stranger to contributing to local non-profits. In the past, they've awarded scholarships, raised funds for community organizations through their Direct Your Labels program, and even raised over $20,000 for the Special Olympics in Kalamazoo in 2021. Learn more about how Harding's Market is involved in the local community here.

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