March 2020 was a real test for all of us. In the face of a pandemic, we saw businesses that we rely on shut down or change the way they operate. When salons shut down, we thought, "my hair might look a little weird for a while, but I get it." When gyms shut down we thought, "I suppose it's time to dust off the old treadmill and do what I can do from home." But the real test, the hardest realities to face, was when Costco stopped offering free samples.

A shocked gasp was heard all around Michigan.

I'm happy to report that the Kalamazoo Costco will be back to doling out their bite-sized wares starting Monday, however, it will look a little different than it used to. The only items that will be on offer are dry or pre-packaged foods, and they will be served in pre-prepared cups at one single station. That station is completely unmanned. Which, I kind of find refreshing. I hate the small talk I'm forced to have when sampling a product. The forced commentary on texture or flavor that I would never otherwise engage in. See, there are good things to come out of this; staying six feet away from me and no small talk. AND we get our samples back. It's a win. Win. WIN!

So look forward to your favorite part of shopping at Costco returning Monday!

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