When you turn onto Bank Street from Crosstown and pull up to the site of the Farmers Market, it's a bit stunning. It's never really been much more than the building housing the bathrooms and a row of shelters for the farmers, but hearing news that the plan is for the Farmers Market to reopen in early May, you look and think, how are they going to pull this off in about five or six weeks?

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It's looks like it's going to be very nice when it's done, though there was a certain charm with the old site, with the trying to find parking spots on either side or across the street. The new Farmers Market will be able to accommodate about 40 more farms looking to sell goods, and they'll have access to electricity. There is still a long way to go on the parking lots, but you have to figure once that work begins, that can probably be finished fairly quickly.

Kalamazoo Bank Street Farmers Market, March 29, 2022. (Dave Benson, TSM)
Kalamazoo Bank Street Farmers Market, March 2022. (Dave Benson, TSM)

According to the Farmers Market Facebook page, the plan is to be operating at Bank Street on May 7th. And there'll be weekday hours this summer.

Customers can shop fresh foods and handmade goods from over 100 local farmers, food businesses, and artisans beginning Opening Day on May 7. The Kalamazoo Farmers Market will operate every Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm through November 19, 2022. Tuesday Markets and Thursday Markets, now both open from 8 am to 1 pm, will operate from June 7, 2022 through mid-October. - Farmers Market on Facebook.

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