Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash[/caption

Just so this doesn't just fall under the radar, Kalamazoo as a champion sports team, The Kalamazoo Football Club are Great Lakes Division champions in USL League 2. Just just capped off a 15-1-4 2021 season with a 4-1 win on Sunday in Ft. Wayne, and now will begin playoff play on Friday in Clinton, Mississippi against Corpus Christi FC of Texas.

Led by new coach Shane Lyons, KZFC had a hot start to the 2021 season, opening with seven wins and a tie, before getting their lone loss this season. This past Sunday night's win clinched them the division title and earned the team a number two seed in the playoffs.

(Kalamazoo FC via Instagram)

Soccer, as it's called in the United States has been the "sport of the future" for the past half century, but since the 1980's it's really begun to grow with children in youth programs, and with the added exposure on television, the game has seen some major growth in recent years.

Nationally, this past Sunday's European Championship game on ESPN pulled in over 6 million viewers, which was more than two million more than similar games in the past. A good showing by the United States in next year's World Cup tournament (which is in December of 2022, due to it being in Qatar) would also do a great deal for the game's growth.

If there was a way to KZFC to host a playoff game, that would also go a long way to cementing a relationship with local fans. And as the old saying goes, everyone loves a winner. Look for broadcast links on the team's Twitter page @kalamazoofc

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