We hope you are looking to trade in and trade up and not needing cash so badly right now that you have to part with a favorite instrument. 

Do you play guitar just like ringin' a bell? Maybe you've always wanted a beat up six string from a second hand store? Don't shop the five-and-dime, Guitar Center is the place to be if you want to upgrade or pick up something "new to you" but can't afford the actual retail price.

Saturday, August 1st is one of only a few days each year that Guitar Center buys used gear. Not just guitars, but basses, keyboards, drums, amps and PA systems. Get up to $500 cash for your unused or outdated gear or trade up to something you can really use. You've go to get up early, though, the event is on from 9-Noon at Guitar Center on S Westnedge on Portage.

  1. Check in with an associate and show 'em what you've got. (Don't forget your mask- it's required.)
  2. Take a look around while they appraise your gear.
  3. Profit.
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