Loy Norrix, MSU and NFL standout Todd "TJ" Duckett and his "Hands Up" Foundation are once again coming to the rescue of hurricane victims.  Right now they're filling up a semi truck at  B & B Trucking located at 6147 Technology Ave in Kalamazoo.

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B & B Trucking is donating the driver, fuel, truck and trailer and planning on taking this directly to Florida as soon as it's filled but hopefully the storm diverts and isn't needed in Florida at which time they will head directly to Texas with the supplies.

Here's what they want you to bring:


- non perishable food

- new blankets and new clothes

-cat and dog food

- batteries

- flashlights

-  new candles

- new gloves


You might remember Todd and his foundation spontaneously filling a semi and heading to the East coast to help the Hurricane Sandy victims.

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