I've seen some unusual pets in my life. My brother has ferrets and birds, I've known people who have snakes and spiders, and even one person who kept a few llamas as pets.

But a raccoon is one I've never personally seen... until this video went viral in Kalamazoo this week.

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Yes, that is a man walking his pet raccoon on a harness and leash outside of a Checker's somewhere in Kalamazoo.

Not exactly something you'd expect to see on an average day... maybe not even on a WEIRD day. But nonetheless... there it is!

No idea who this man is, or what the name of the raccoon is, but people on social media were quick to comment. Several facebook posts sharing, and re-sharing. Reddit, in particular, had some interesting theories...

Of course, the "Big Buford" refers to the best-known burger at Checker's. But another commenter thought that wasn't enough...

Lots of people speculating whether it's legal to own a raccoon as a pet in Kalamazoo, and as of writing this article, and doing what little research I could on it, it seems... so long as the animal has its specific shots and care, and it's licensed properly... it's OK to do so... BUT... again, we aren't SAYING it is definitely. We're making an educated guess based on what we can understand in the city's code.

That being said, this isn't the first pet Raccoon I've ever heard of. At one time, my uncle - who also happened to catch raccoons for meat and pelts in his younger days - had a pet raccoon when he was still a young man. And to my knowledge, he still has it... stuffed on his mantle.

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