According to Portland, ME and Asheville, NC are the top 2 cities in the U.S. for beer drinkers.  Does that confuse anyone else? It was only maybe 2 or 3 years ago Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo were pretty much neck and neck for the number one beer city in the country. Now to be fair Kalamazoo did make the list, at number 19. Grand Rapids came in at 12.

(Don’t even get me started on the whole Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo beer battle.)

I just feel Kalamazoo doesn’t get the credit it deserves just because there are more people who live in Grand Rapids.

So of course other cities are going to have more microbreweries and bars in them because they are bigger! Shouldn't mean they are the BEST cities for beer lovers. I am a beer lover and I would much rather enjoy a beer in a less crowded city.

It should be based on quality of beer, popularity of breweries, and most enjoyable atmosphere. Then Kalamazoo wins hands down!

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