The rain fall we got earlier this week wasn't all bad news. I remember growing up as a kid how much I loved to just get filthy dirty. One mom in Kalamazoo is easily taking the "Coolest Mom Of The Week" award for letting her kid go crazy in the mud puddles that covered the sidewalk just outside her apartment. Her son was riding his bike around the loop when he accidentally got stuck in a rut. As he spun his back wheel, mud started flying up his backside:

Mark Frankhouse/TSM
Mark Frankhouse/TSM

After that he hopped off his bike which is when she told him to go crazy in the puddles:

He asked if he could play in the mud puddle. He was already covered with mud all over his back and was basically going straight into the tub when he got inside anyway so I figured he may as well have some fun.

I wish I could still do stuff like this because after watching the video, I got super jealous.



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