It's heartbreaking to see our neighbors and friends go without, especially when they are children. No child should be without food, shelter, and clothing. Dave Karlson Ngouambe Chenogoue, of Kalamazoo, knows this first hand.  That's why he has teamed up with Kicks for Kids, an organization that aims to put new shoes on the feet of needy children around the world.

Over the past several months he has been able to gather over two hundred pairs for children, specifically, in Cameroon, his native country.

According to an article, Chenogoue notes the high poverty level in the Central African nation and says:

I will be able to touch the lives of many kids where I grew up;it will be an opportunity for me to give back to the people...


He plans to make a trip back in the next few weeks, but he is still taking donations. If we all give a little, we'll have a lot. Click here to donate.

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