After a Sunday morning run, Mayor Anderson took to Facebook to share some inspiration with the city during a time of crisis and uncertainty.

Nearly all of our jobs have been affected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic, whether we have been furloughed, are now working from home or trying to practice social-distancing in the employee kitchen, things just aren't "normal" anymore. What a time to be the one people look to for answers.

Kalamazoo Mayor David Anderson, elected in November of 2019, is experiencing a first term unlike any other. Embracing digital technology and social media, Anderson has begin a series of Facebook live videos to stay in touch and participate in communication, "during a time we don't get to see each other very much." In his first message, shared on March 28, Mayor Anderson promised, "the City is working together with our County partners during this time to bring resources here locally, together, and to stay focused on doing the City work."

His Sunday message, shared on City of Kalamazoo's Facebook page, was a little more philosophical. "I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday," he writes, "I spent some of my day reflecting on how this current 'pause' could make us a stronger and more compassionate community." Anderson goes on to say, "one thing that it [the Coronavirus pandemic] has done, in kind of an interesting way, is held up a mirror to all of us, reminding us of our own mortality." Not quite inspired yet? Hang on.

We are all affected by this, no matter what our position or circumstances. After comparing the pandemic to a series of waves and tsunamis, the first being a wall of health questions, Anderson talked about the second wave being financial concerns and so many questions about insecurity that can be overwhelming. This is where it gets better: Mayor Anderson's third wave. "I'm hoping this third wave is going to be a change of heart."

Maybe a good thing that will come out of this is this idea that we are kind of taking this world-wide break, for a moment. This is like a reset; like a pause. A time for us to reflect a bit, a time for us to pray, to meditate, to think a little bit about what are our basic values.

He ends with a question that could be taken as a challenge:

Is there some way that we're all together going to be better people with a different level of sensitivity when we get through it? That's what I'm hoping.
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