A Kalamazoo motorcyclist is wanted after fleeing from a traffic stop and evading police by doing what could be considered the most dangerous and gutsy move, by jumping in the Kalamazoo River to elude his arrest.

As Fox 17 Reported, the altercation began with a routine traffic stop, over a simple infraction, then quickly escalated:

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The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (KDPS) says one of their officers tried to execute a traffic stop on the motorcycle Monday afternoon for a license plate violation. The rider took off near Rose Street and Michigan Avenue when the motorcycle broke down near Harrison Street. The rider left the motorcycle and ran off, leading the officer on a foot chase.


What Does The Suspect Look Like?

Neither the police nor Fox 17 could provide any details about what the wanted suspect looked like, but we here at Townsquare Media can only imagine what the polluted waters of the Kalamazoo River would do to a man.

Have you ever seen the original Batman movie with Jack Nicholson? Well, then you no doubt remember the part in the beginning where he falls into the vat of toxic sludge. One has to imagine a dip in the Kalamazoo River has to alter your DNA or possibly cause massive amounts of radiation or toxic damage.

There's a report saying he became submerged and never resurfaced after entering the water, however, searches for the man have not turned up anything as of the morning of January 3rd.

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