If you ride, you already knew that Maple Hill Trail was among the best in the state. MTB.com has just ranked it first.

Gravity. It can work for you or against you when you are on a mountain bike. The banked corners, tabletops, rock features and jumps at Maple Hill Trail are rideable at almost any speed but more fun when you are going downhill fast.

The 4.1 mile trail opened across form Markin Glen Park on N Westnedge in 2017, and was built with a large grant from Maple Hill Auto Group and is maintained by South West Michigan Mountain Bike Association. Long gone are the days of simply following a path that has been worn through the woods by traffic. These days, trails are designed and sculpted with careful measurements and heavy machinery. A "flow track," Maple Hill is designed to carry riders swiftly down hills, picking up speed and racing through high-banked turns, clearing tabletop jumps and satisfying that adrenaline fix we all need sometimes.

MTBProject looked at 64 rides and nearly 2000 miles of trails in Michigan and ranked Maple Hill Trail #1 in the state and the single track route came in at #26 in the nation. There are several other top-rated trails easily within driving distance.

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