UPDATE- The answer is 1989

The Road Commission of Kalamazoo County says according to records, the 'G' Avenue & Riverview Drive intersection was last serviced in 1989.

So the traffic light was in service for around 32 years.


So how old was it? We don't know yet, because the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County wants the public to participate in a fun little Facebook game of guessing how old this traffic signal is.

The only clue they have given is that it is located in Parchment at the intersection of 'G' Avenue and Riverview Drive. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, they shared a photo and said that they had recently installed a new traffic light and replaced what was reportedly the oldest one operating on the system in Kalamazoo County. It is part of a road project that has been ongoing in that area of Parchment for some time.

So any guesses? We will monitor that Facebook post and share it with you when the Road Commission shares the answer.

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