We've heard the stories about how unselfish and giving our teachers are.  They routinely spend their own money for things their students and their classrooms need and work long hours not only as teachers but also act as parents, counselors and friends.  And then there's the issue of salaries.  I personally feel that teachers and public safety should be paid more for what they do in terms of facilitating all of our lives.

So it's always good when we can give back and, in this case, when a national company extends their generosity.  We're talking about Red Robin the gourmet burger chain.  According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, not just teachers but also administrators, school bus drivers and any school employee with a valid ID will get a Double Tavern Burger with Bottomless Steak Fries.  Our Red Robin location is 5710 S. Westnedge in Portage.  Check out the Free Press article by clicking HERE.

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