There's a new spot coming to Kalamazoo, opening on Thursday, and it's right next to one of my favorite spots in town - Holy Taco. Kalamazoo Rejuvenation will have their grand opening at 4 p.m. Thursday, Nov., and they'll utilize Holy Taco with free apps and margs.

Seriously, what could be better, though, than a health and beauty spot next to a taco shop?

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Kalamazoo Rejuvenation is run by a board-certified nurse practitioner, Heather Rarick, who specializes in wound and burn care. But she has branched out to aesthetic medicine

Holy Taco has been kind of a local well-kept secret in the Kalamazoo area. Locals who frequent it make it known by word of mouth, and their Instagram account is a sure-fire way to draw people in.

Thursday, they'll have their grand opening next to Holy Taco at 6942 W. Q Ave. in Kalamazoo. With that, they'll have free margaritas and apps next door, as well as a chance to win a gift card for their services.

Kalamazoo Rejuvenation offers Medical Grade Skin Care, Sculptra, Neurotoxins, lip fillers, and dermal fillers.

You can contact them by calling (269) 256-5056, or follow them on their social media pages.

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