Every year this seems to become more an more important.  If my memory serves me, there was, at least, one car seat recall last year prompting many parents to re-evaluate the car seats they have.  Combine that with changing technology and the fact that human nature creates a complacency where people feel if it was a good enough car seat 3 years it should be fine.  With all the distracted drivers, etc., you can never be too sure.

According to an article on wilx.com, Target is, once again, inviting people to bring in their damaged or expired car seats through may 4th.  In return, Target will give customers a 20% off coupon off a new car seat, stroller or select baby home gear.  the coupons will be available until My 11th.  Target started this back in 2016 and has recycled about a half a million car seats.  The bottom line is your kid's safety.  So, if you're car seat is damaged or you're not sure about how safe the seat continues to be, this might be the perfect opportunity to make the trade.

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