Kalamazoo residents Stacy Bartell and Eric Perry found themselves in a bit of an employment pickle in March of 2020. Bartell, Properties Master at Kalamazoo's Civic Theatre, and Perry, Stage Manager/Head Carpenter at Miller Auditorium, were suddenly out of work, and with theatre reopening dates continually pushed back, it looked like it was going to be a while before their specific sets of skills were called upon. That's when the pair decided to pivot, and, with the help of Perry's business savvy partner, Carrie Phillips, Sawdust & Levity was born.

This was no knee-jerk reaction to the pandemic. The two had been kicking this business model around for years; a sort of "hired guns" of woodworking and design. If you can dream it, chances are they can build it, and they are already well on their way to helping Kalamazoo with minor fixes and major installations, drawing on their combined 50+ years theatrical experience.

Sawdust & Levity




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