As we slowly move back to "normal", this weekend will be an interesting test and example of that, with the weekend activities that have supplanted, somewhat, what used to be known as Super Saturday for so many years, and then more recently, June Jubilee.

One of the main players of Super Saturday has always been the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, and this year will be no different, but for another year, without the actual presence of artists. Says KIA, "although we will miss our artists in Bronson Park this year, we are still keeping with tradition and bringing the fine arts to Kalamazoo with our Virtual Arts Fair and free gallery admission this Friday and Saturday!"

For those looking for art to add to their homes and living spaces, there is art for sale through  the "Virtual Arts Fair" where KIA says you'll be able to "shop directly with our selection of participating artists on our robust virtual platform." KIA has set up each artist with a personalized virtual booth to showcasing their work and their style. The spiffy technology being employed will allow some artists to even to chat with you using video or text.

Everything is underway, with the monthly Art Hop Friday evening from 5-8pm at the KIA, and with that free admission to the galleries at the KIA. There will also be Kirk Newman Art School demos. And just for fun, mini art kits and a community doodle table.

Then, and it's important to point this out again, there will still be plenty of activity downtown at Bronson Park, beginning in the morning. Folks coming downtown will be able to color the "giant chalk drawings in the park, while listening to the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, and again, free admission to the KIA.

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Irving Gilmore Mansion, Kalamazoo, 516 W. South Street,

This is the Irving Gilmore Mansion in downtown Kalamazoo, a block from the Art Institute, Bronson Park and the Civic Center.

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