I know what you're thinking... Mike, why in the hell would you be interested in Baby Saving Day?  Well I'll tell ya.  Because we've got 4 grandchildren and Grandma spends more on these babies than anyone else in the family.  So it's my money...well it's both of our money...ok it's her money.   Nevertheless, here's an opportunity to feel better about a big grandchild shopping spree.

The folks at wnem.com alerted us to the fact that Walmart is holding a Baby Savings Day this Saturday February 23rd from 10:30 to 4:30.  During that time you can save some bucks on just about everything baby related.  And let's face it, when it comes to clothes, for instance, they grow right out of them.  There will be all sorts of products from sippy cups to car seats and they'll even have some specialists on hand to demonstrate the products and advise growing families.  Get the rest of the details and the Walmart near you by clicking HERE.


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